Vacancy at Harpur Memorial Hospital, Menouf: OR Head Nurse

Job Description for OR Head Nurse at

Harpur Memorial Hospital, Menouf



  1. Reports to the Head of the Department of Surgery and through him to the Director of the hospital
  2. She has authority over all OR nurses, and all OR technicians
  3. She reports to the Head Nurse of the Hospital andthe Head nurses of the Medical and Surgical floors. It is expected that she needs to cooperate with her colleagues in a cordial manner.


Job Description:


  1. This is a Full time position subject to all the rules and regulations of Harpur Memorial Hospital including the usual daily signing in and out of the hospital.
  2. Hours of work are: 8 AM to 3 PM-6 days a week Monday to Saturday
  3. Holidays: the employee is entitled to one month of holiday per year plus any statutory holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Sunday is a regular day off.
  4. If the employee wishes to take any additional time off, the request must be made in writing at least one weekin advance and must be approved by the Head of the Department of Surgery. In cases of unusual personal circumstances a notice of less than 2 days is permitted.




  1. The OR Head nurse is responsible for organizing the daily work of all the OR staff and ensuring adequate coverage for each of the OR rooms working that day.
  2. The OR Head Nurse is responsible for ensuring that supplies are available for each OR room and each operation including sutures, sterile equipment and sterile sheets etc.
  3. When needed, she may be asked to scrub on complex cases or when unexpected short staffing occurs.
  4. She shall be responsible for orienting and training new hires.
  5. She shall ensure sterility of the instruments and that the sterilization process is excellent.
  6. She shall be expected to attend the OR management committee meetings whenever they are held.


Compensation & Benefits:

  1. Salary shall be based upon
  • Years of experience
  • Qualifications
  • Salary will be decided by the Hospital Director



  • Health Care Benefits as per hospital policy.
  • Discount in the Episcopal School for children.


If interested, please send your CV to:

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