New Medical Mission -Mariam Medical Centre- in the Church of Christ the King, Tripoli

The Church of Christ the King is committed to playing its role; serving our local and global communities as we seek to provide answers and hope that only Christ-centered care and the message of Jesus can bring to the darkest world.  By the grace of God, the Church inaugurated Mariam Medical Centre on Nov.7, 2017. MMC is accountable for overall public health promotion and medical care service of Sub Saharan refugees living in Tripoli, Libya. It aims to make sub Saharan settlements viable by improving basic health status of Nigerian in exile through its Primary Health Care centre, for disease prevention, promotion of healthier lifestyles and a cleaner environment. It currently manages and finances one health centre in Tripoli, Libya. MMC’s major challenges are in providing adequate health care to the community, particularly in urban areas. Church of Christ the King, Tripoli, Libya opened a Free Medical Consultation for Basic Hygiene and Family Health Awareness Program every Tuesdays between 9:00 am and 12.00p.m. Within a month, the around fifty patients have consulted the doctor. One of our prayers for 2018, is to see even more people receive salvation through our Medical evangelism efforts.

To read the detailed annual report of the church, please click here.

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