Master of Arts in Leadership and Management 2018 –2020

Are you called to lead?
Are you in a position of influence in your church, community, or ministry?
Do you want to enhance your leadership abilities and learn healthy principles for leading from experts in Leadership studies?

The Episcopal Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa in cooperation with Vision International University invites you to obtain the self-development opportunity for studying Master of Arts in Leadership and Management.

The new course is running for two years from 2018 to 2020. The course modules require 3 meetings over each year for 3- 4 residential days of intensive work and study for each meeting.

The Master of Arts in Leadership and management degree program is a unique program offered as a combination of Distance education and intensive seminars. The program is overseen by the Dean of the College of Leadership, and directed by EME/Vision staff in the Western European and Mediterranean Offices. The program is designed to prepare leaders in churches and non-profit organizations with leadership skills.

The program is designed to be a useful “think tank” style approach, whereby we setaside 2 or 3 times in a year for primary leaders in the region (few in number by invitation only) who are MA Leadership students to come together and approach the content in a collaborative way, as a select group of practitioners.

Courses You’ll Take to Earn Your Degree:

LE 501 Introduction to Leadership and Leaders
LE 502 Ministry Leadership Foundations
LE 503 Dynamics of Effective Leaders and Followers
LE 504 Spirituality and Leadership
LE 505 Contemporary Issues in Leadership
LE 506 Leader Development
LE 511 Leadership Practicum
CE 501 Administration and Leadership
CE 502 Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management
CE 503 Advanced Leadership and Administration
PT 504 Christian Worldview

Requirements for enrollment:
– Carefully read attached The Practitioners Program, and being aware with studying requirements.
– Complete the application for admission with personal photo and paying 500 EGP for application and interview fees.
– In case, within the process of interview, it appears that candidate`s English language skills are less than required, a TOEFL score of 530 or above will be necessary.
– A bachelor’s degree is required.
– Not less than 3 work experiences.

Kindly inform that:

Vision University is NOT accredited by the US Department of Education. Many religious colleges and universities are not. They are “Religious Exempt”. Vision is State Approved by the State of California and is recognized by Bible College Accrediting organizations. The degree earned is primarily for use in Christian organizations (churches, schools, NGOs, etc.) The credits earned are transferable to other colleges at the discretion/decision of that college or university. Some would accept, some would not, depending on the State, Nation, etc. It is a “professional” (Christian) diploma, rather than considered “academic”. Whether it is useful professionally to the student is up to them, their employer, etc.

For inquiries and enrollment, Kindly send your applications before January 11th 2018 for the following contacts:
Mobile: 01272220291- 01005359945

For enrollment and registration click link blew:…

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