Deacon Clement

Deacon Clement’s life is a powerful testimony of God’s hand at work in Egypt. Deacon Clement is originally from Sudan. He had to leave Sudan when he was a young man because of the war there. His entire family fled, but they were all separated and ended up living in different places. Clement first lived in Luxor, and then in Aswan. During this time, he was non-religious, and developed a drinking problem because life was very difficult for him. Afterwards, he lived in the desert. When he moved to Cairo, he came to Zamalek because he heard that they offered services for people with difficultly hearing like himself. In 2009, he had a dream that inspired him to make changes to his lifestyle. People from the church heard about this, and starting sharing with Clement about Jesus Christ. He came to know Jesus, and he stopped drinking. Later he took a position in the Deaf Church, and married his wife Lerleel. They have two children, a boy and a girl. Clement was one of the supervisors for the project to translate the Bible from Arabic into sign language, with the goal that all the deaf in Egypt can be reached with the good news of Christ. This year, Bishop Mouneer appointed Clement as the first deaf deacon in the Arab world.

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