Christmas Eve Service at All Saints Cathedral

On Christmas Eve, the Diocese of Egypt hosted its annual Christmas Eve service at All Saints Cathedral in Zamalek, Cairo. The service began at 10:30pm and ended after midnight. The service was well attended by a diverse group of guests. The Arabic and Sudanese choirs sang traditional Christmas songs both in Arabic and in English. Many of the Anglican clergy in Egypt were present, and read different passages of scripture and liturgy. Bishop Mouneer gave a special Christmas sermon. He reminded attendees to follow Christ and reflect His love, especially during this season of celebrating the birth of Jesus. He prayed for the safety of Egypt, and for those who lost family members because of violence this year.

Many journalists attended the Christmas Eve service. You can read what one of them wrote about the service here.

To view the live video of the service, visit here and here.

For more videos, pictures, and other information, visit the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa’s Facebook page.

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