31 from the Sudanese Congregation Complete Discipleship Course

On 15 September, 31 members of the All Saints Cathedral Sudanese congregation graduated from their discipleship course and received their completion certificates. The goal of the course was to prepare effective disciplines of Jesus. The last time that this discipleship course was held was three years ago. This year, the discipleship course lasted from 16 August to 5 September. The group of students was divided into two different groups: level one and level two. The two groups studied many different topics, some together and some apart. The topics included studying the Bible, spiritual growth, spiritual gifts, dealing with temptation, spiritual warfare, and, of course, discipleship. They were also taught practical skills such as how to worship, how to preach, counseling, and effective communication.

Before their graduation ceremony, the participants had a one-night retreat, where the discussed subjects such as strategic planning, submission to authority, excellence in serving God, and the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. Bishop Mouneer spoke at their graduation. He talked about the importance of discipleship, and encouraged the graduates on this next step of their spiritual journey.

Please join us in praying for the graduates of the discipleship course. Pray that they would continue to serve God and grow in their knowledge, and that they would be able to well-utilize the skills that they learned through the course.

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