New Nursing School in Harpur Memorial Hospital, Menouf

The Harpur Memorial Nursing School started in July 2017 with 10 students, 4 teachers, and 2 translators. We had a beautiful opening ceremony, commemorating the beginning of the 2 year nursing program, enjoying encouraging speeches from the school’s director and from the hospital director, Dr. Samir Rizkalla. The students were all handpicked from 2 six week nursing attendant courses that they completed in early 2017. Two of the students did not attend these courses but were chosen from the current hospital staff because of their dedication to the nursing role and to the community of Menouf. We are delighted to train these 10 students in nursing but also desire to see them grow in their love and compassion towards their patients. We have included curriculum for them to go deeper in the word of God and to learn how to be disciples of Jesus.

Prayer requests:

– That the students would be focused on their studies.

– For more teaching staff to arrive from North America.

– Thankful for funding from Embrace the Middle East.

– Pray that the new hospital and nursing school buildings be completed soon.


Nurses trainees with the training nurses:

Nurses trainees during their first session:


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