The Graduation of Alexandria School of Theology and Nuba Mountain Institute Commencements


On Saturday, the 29th of July, Alexandria School of Theology (AST) and Nuba Mountain Institute celebrated the graduation of the ninth commencement and the second commencement respectively. We joyfully celebrated 3 students graduating with a Diploma in Theology, 14 students with a Bachelor of Theology and 2 students with a Master in Early African Christianity.

With words of welcome and encouragement, Bishop Mouneer inaugurated the celebration thanking all the audience for their presence in the special ceremony. “We are the servants of Christ and our servant-hood shall never end” Bishop Samy- the Dean of AST- reminded the graduates, meditating from 2 Corinthians 10: 5. As for the graduates, they expressed their gratitude and appreciation by a tender acknowledgment to faculty and family honoring the memory of their lost friends; Reham and Malak.

Revd Canon Dr Ashley Null, an internationally respected scholar on the grace and gratitude theology of the English Reformation, holding a MDiv and STM from Yale and a PhD and BD form the University of Cambridge, an author of many books including “Thomas Cranmer’s Doctrine of Repentance: Renewing the Power to Love” and a winner of numerous academic awards for his work;  spoke about how to fill the lost piece of our souls through Christ alone.  He encouraged the students to tell the brokenhearted about the good news of the gospel of Jesus, their only hope. He finally addressed them with several questions for them to answer before starting their journey: “Class of 2017: what will you say to the human heart? What message will you bring? How has AST helped you prepare to minister to a hurting humanity? How will God use you as an agent of hope? Today we not only celebrate your academic achievements but also prayer for fruitfulness as you serve lost and broken humanity”.

With sad tears and a broken heart, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Grant LeMarquand, the Vice-Chairman of the Board, announced the resignation as an Area Bishop of the Horn of Africa due to the health conditions of Dr. Wendy, his wife.

The celebration was infiltrated with songs and prayers as well as blessings and greetings from the honorable guests. Anba Bishoy, the Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Domiat, affirmed the unity of the 2 Churches and expressed his pleasure of fulfilling God’s commandments by rejoicing together in this special occasions. Anba Antonious Aziz, the Coptic Catholic Bishop of Giza and Fayoum, blessed the graduates reminding them to be always in Christ who is the only foundation for our salvation. Revd. Kuan Kim Sung, Bishop of Singapore, passed the greetings from our partnering diocese from Singapore and encouraged the students to continue the good work of the Lord that He has given them.

Last but not the least, Bishop Mouneer revealed his deep delight for the presence of Father Amonios, the Secretary of Pop Tawadros II, the Ambassador of the United Stated of America and all the servants of the Lord. “Remember that studying theology is the first step but you have yet a lot to learn from our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, who is the only model worthy to be followed for He went around doing good.”



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