Updates from the Synod, 2017

The Synod of the diocese was held in its scheduled session (April 25 to April 27) under the chairmanship of Archbishop Mouneer Hanna Anis and the attendance of the members of the secular clergy from all the churches of the diocese of Egypt, North Africa and the Horn of Africa.

The Synod began with the opening speech of the Bishop in which he thanked the Lord for His continuous blessings in our churches in the diocese and he focused on the slogan of the synod this year which is “Different Spirit” as mentioned in book of Numbers  (14:24). In his speech, the Archbishop emphasized our need for this new spirit, the spirit of trust, courage and the love, to begin our mission. Archbishop Mouneer proclaimed many of the favors our Lord provided in various fields of ministry: Discipleship, mission and evangelism, leadership training (priests and lay ministers), youth ministry and children ministry. The Archbishop also pointed to the breakthrough that took place in service with the Episcopal regions of North Africa as well as the Horn of Africa.

The Synod was enriched by detailed reports and short movies about the services in North Africa; Tunis, Tripoli and Algiers, and in the Horn of Africa as well as Egypt. The Synod attendees were encouraged by the ongoing projects. The most encouraging news of all were the increase of the number of churches and meetings has doubled to reach 100 communities in the Gambella region in Western Ethiopia as well as the new churches that were planted in new areas in Egypt.

New Province

The Synod discussed the topic of ongoing dialogues and the studies leading to transforming the diocese to an independent province of the Anglican Communion. The members of the Synod unanimously supported this move.

Women Ministry

The Synod debated the issue of women’s service in which the members stressed the importance of women’s ministry to be strengthened and enjoyed by all means. However, the woman’s ordination was not approved.

The Problem with the protestant council of churches in Egypt (PCE)

The Diocesan legal consultant explained in details the problem of the diocese with PCE. The members of the Synod issued a statement in support of the independence of the Diocese of Egypt. The synod expressed its desire to develop ecumenical relations with all denominations in Egypt including the PCE. This must be based on mutual respect of the nature of each church. The synod also supported all the legal steps taken by the legal consultant to ensure the independence of the Diocese.

The members of the Synod, through the priests and lay readers, have also elected the members of the councils of the various Synod committees and the representatives of the Provincial synod.

Ordination of the 1st deaf clergy

Archbishop Mouneer has ordained deacon Clément Alfous in Jesus light of the World Episcopal Church for Deaf in Old Cairo. He is the first deaf to be ordained deacon in the Middle East. Deacon Clément is a trained servant and has been licensed as a lay reader by Archbishop Mouneer several years ago, where he contributed greatly to the stability and growth of the ministry in the deaf church.

New Canon at All Saints Cathedral

Archbishop Mouneer appointed priest Hany Shenouda as “Canon” in the Cathedral on the chair of St. Athanasius.

New Lay Ministers in the Diocese of Egypt

Serag Nabil and Adel Fayek were licensed to serve as lay readers in the cathedral and our church in Al Twabek during the closing worship at the Synod on April 27th.

New Growth in the Sudanese Church

The Synod ended by welcoming new members to join our Episcopal Anglican Family. Archbishop Mouneer confirmed more than 30 people in the Sudanese congregations of St. Michael Church in Heliopolis and All Saints Cathedral in Zamalek. Last but not least, the day was crowned by the baptism of a baby.

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