Launching of “Together We Develop Egypt” Project

On Wednesday the 5th of April, “Together We Develop Egypt” project , sponsored by the Episcopal / Anglican Diocese of Egypt and Misr El-Kehir; launched the first event between the Egyptian Muslim and Christian youth together with their leaders, the Imams and Priests.

The project aims to encourage young youth, of both religions, on the ground to be effectively engaging together to develop Egypt. The need we face in EGYPT and the success of the previous related project “Together For Egypt” were the motive behind this movement. If we can talk to each other, we can also develop Egypt with each other.

The project started for the benefit of the local communities such as El-Menya, the Canal cities, Salam city, Tenth of Ramadan city and Al Warak area. The event was full of workshops that motivate and enable our youth to use their potentials for the good of their communities.

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