The Opening of the “All Saints Garden Conference Center”


The official opening of All Saint’s Garden Center was held last Friday the 24th of February by Archbishop Bishop Mouneer Hanna with the presence of special gathering of guests including donors, Archbishops, Bishops and several people from the Diocese.

The Right Reverend Rennis Ponniah, Bishop of Singapore, Archbishop Kwan Kim, Chekphang, Ven Wong Tak and Keth Chua played an important role for the conference center to come to light.

Dr.Farid Fadel and his wife Dr. Mona Zaki offered a very special gift, made by Dr. Fadel himself, that left a unique imprint in the place. The gift included paintings that gave a beautiful and artistic look to the place.

Keth Chua Hall is named after one of the biggest donors as mentioned earlier. Mr. Chua is a famous person in Singapore that owns a series of centers carries the same name “Garden Center”.

The conference center holds 16 rooms that accommodate approximately 60 people. One of the rooms is a royal suit. The hall accommodates more than 100 people and it is provided with the latest equipment.

We thank the Lord for His gift to us and we pray that this place be used to glorify his name. We would love to invite you to come and visit our center.


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