Gusour Cultural Center is pleased to invite you for the next film screening followed by a discussion with the filmmakers

FullSizeRender You can continue instead of….
You are stronger than all the frustrating voices surrounding you.
You are stronger than the one who see that you can’t.
You are braver than the people tried to take you off your way.
You are a source of inspiration for more people like you.
Continue ….. Never stop.

As part of Gusour’s celebration this month with international women’s day and Egyptian mother’s day, in collaboration with the digital museum of women and the initiative “Raise up your voice”; we are pleased to display these two movies “Thanks to be for the work of your hand” and “Not for Girls” followed by a discussion with the film Producers and the one responsible for the initiative “Raise up your voice”. The two movies are result of training in the industry of short films Initiated by “Raise up your voice”.

“Bless her Hands” 

“Bless her Hands” documents working women in informal sectors and what they face in their daily life, from stereotyping and marginalization to disrespect and abandonment. The film shades light on the important, yet hidden role, those women play in our society and tries to change the image which is stigmatizing them.

“Not for Girls”
“Not for Girls” is a short documentary showing four Egyptian woman executing jobs and hobbies which are considered to be for men by the society. The documentary follows Nesreen, a young motorcycle mechanic from Helwan-Cairo, who loves the profession and is passionate about motorcycles. We get to know Om Mohammed, who is driving a TokTok, because she doesn’t want to depend on anyone else than herself and Asma who works with her husband as a carpenter in her own shop in Downtown, realizing how her working made her a better and more balanced woman than she was before. Them and Aya, a goalkeeper in a local football club in Sayeeda Zeinab give us an insight about the all days struggle fighting for acceptance and against the stigmata and harassment they have to face on a daily basis. But they also share their hope and visions for a society where men and woman are equal and able to life a live, which is not ruled by gender patterns and fixed gender roles.
The two films are in Arabic and they have been translated in English.
Free admission
All Saints’ Cathedral
5 Michel Lotfalla St, behind the Marriott Hotel 
Zamalek, Cairo
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