Joyful News from Gambella

The dry season has begun in Gambella, Ethiopia, but spiritual refreshment is close at hand.  Rev. Johann wrote recently on his blog and Facebook page about rich experiences shared with the local Anuak community, which surrounds the VanderBijls’ new home, the Gambella Anglican Centre. They held a premier showing of a film in the Anuak language. The attendees had never seen a movie in their native tongue, and the first movie they watched was the Jesus film. “Imagine!” writes Rev. Johann. “The first time ever… and what they saw and heard was the Gospel.”

Obobo 1
Over two hundred people viewed the film. We ask your prayers for those who made a decision to follow Jesus, or renewed their commitment to Him, and invite you to join in celebration in the Anuak style! “The Anuak worship with abandon,” Rev. Johann writes, calling their services “electrifying.” Imagine singing and dancing, with ripe papaya and freshly caught fish releasing a sweet fragrance as we joyfully welcome these new brothers and sisters in Christ.
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