Youth Leaders Conference addressing Atheism

Atheism is a very common topic in Egypt now. Especially since the 2011 Revolution, many young people are questioning their faith and searching for the truth. After the Diocese youth ministry leadership team prayed together, we chose this topic for our annual youth leaders conference. We want our youth ministry in Egypt to be relevant, and for our leaders to be up-to-date with the challenges our young people face. After we announced the topic of the conference, many young adults wanted to participate so we decided to allow university students to attend as well as the youth leaders in our churches in Egypt.

We had an outstanding time at this conference. We covered subjects including faith and science, evolution, the problem of pain, and bad religion. We had sessions for questions and answers, which were really deep and fruitful. We focused on the causes of atheism, and the final lecture was about the role of the church. We discussed that young people should run to the church rather than run away from it!

The most encouraging thing is that young people are asking questions and researching more about the truth, and reading on different topics. Also, the leaders asked for more learning conferences like this, so we are preparing the next one for February.


Sports Days

The youth ministry usually organises one sports day for young people from all our churches  in Egypt. This year the youth ministry leadership team decided to do separate sports days in order to (1) for our youth ministry leadership team an opportunity to visit our local churches, and (2) to reach out to more young people in local areas. We did three sports days in Port Said, Suez, and Cairo, which were attended by double the number of youth compared with last year. We are now planning to run a sports day for an orphanage in Suez in September.

Pray for the youth ministry leadership team and the youth leaders in the churches as they serve. Pray that God would use the youth ministry of the Diocese for His glory!

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