2nd Report for Special Appeal for Egypt

The last few years have been traumatic for Egyptians. We have witnessed bloodshed on our streets, vandalism and the deliberate destruction of churches and government buildings in lawless acts of revenge. In 2013, one of our Anglican churches was attacked, and other ministries received threats. Unemployment is at a record high, there is a lack of security on the streets, the economy is in decline, and poverty is crushing for many people in Egypt. Refugees too are suffering, those from Syria, Sudan and other countries.

In September 2013, in response to the many phone calls, emails and letters asking “How can I help Egypt at this time” in addition to praying for Egypt, Bishop Mouneer Anis issued a Special Appeal for Egypt to help in the following areas:

1. The Poorest of the Poor
2. Building the Capacity of Young Adults
3. Spiritual Ministry

The Diocese received 566,540LE for the Special Appeal (roughly 82,107 USD or 49,688 GBP) to assist those most affected by the challenges facing Egypt. The following report details the use of the second distribution of this fund.

Download Special Appeal Report


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