Preventing Child Mortality in Gambella

In 2013, the Mothers’ Union leaders in Gambella started a training program to address four challenges that they identified; health, poverty, inter-tribal tension and spirituality. In order to address these challenges, the Mothers’ Union is providing theological and practical skills to women across 70 villages and refugee camps. This is done through a ‘train-the-trainer’ program, which trains 3,000 women and empowers them to affect change in their own communities.

Mothers Union May 2014 3

The May Mothers’ Union teaching event looked at the causes of recurrent diarrhea. The Gambella region far exceeds Ethiopia’s infant/child mortality of 90/1000 live births. Diarrhea is one of the five major causes of infant and childhood death.

Mothers Union May 2014 2

We practiced making Oral Rehydration Solution using a technique that required neither measuring spoons nor expertise, but is reliable and reproducible. Oral Rehydration Solution has saved hundreds of thousands of precious lives since it’s widespread use starting in the 1970’s.

Mothers Union May 2014Practicing making Oral Rehydration Solution

Eddie Ozols of Anglican Aid Australia, the major donor for our Mothers’ Union training program, asked our Anuak priest, Darash Thatha, how many children’s funerals had he held last year, and how many had he held this year. Fifty funerals last year, none this year.

Mothers Union April 2014

Mother’s Union representative from the Opo people, Mary Ngate looking through a magnifying glass for the first time in her life

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