Launch of New Outpatient Clinic Project

Downloand the Outpatient Clinic Proposal

Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf has launched a project to construct an urgently needed new outpatient clinic. Over the past 4 years, the number of outpatients has more than doubled: over 122,000 outpatients were treated in 2013. The current building is inadequate to accommodate this growth, and patients are forced to wait in the corridors and outside.

Waiting outside outpatient clinic

Bishop Mouneer writes: “The real litmus test of a hospital is not how many patients she sees—although that is certainly important—but what is the quality of care that a patient receives. 

In 1979, when I witnessed the loving and holistic care that patients received at Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf, whether Christian or Muslim, old or young, wealthy or poor, I decided to work for the hospital as a medical doctor, and later became her Director. This loving care was part of the original vision of Frank Harpur, an Irish doctor who started the hospital in 1910, and is still one of the main reasons why Harpur Memorial Hospital continues to grow and is a blessing to the community today.

Thirty years ago the hospital treated approximately 2,000 patients per year.  Since then the hospital has expanded and the number of outpatients has grown, especially in the last five years under the leadership of Dr. Samir Rizkallah, the current director. In 2013, we saw more than 122,000 outpatients at Harpur Memorial Hospital, with over 95% of the patients being Muslims who trust and support this Christian hospital. 

Why does Harpur Memorial Hospital have such a good reputation?  It is because we have well-trained doctors, nurses and staff who provide excellent health care at a very low and affordable cost.  It is because our outpatient department provides all diagnostic and curative services in the same day rather than admitting inpatients, thus reducing the cost for patients.  It is because Harpur Memorial Hospital plays an important role in building bridges between different faith communities—a role which is very much needed at this time in Egypt when faith communities are increasingly becoming polarized.  It is because the whole person is treated, not just the symptoms, the disease or the illness.

Because of the tremendous growth in the number of patients and the greater demands on the hospital outpatient clinic, I am asking you to help support a new outpatient department.  The current building is seriously inadequate for the numbers of patients who come to be treated at the hospital each day, and urgently needs replacing. I invite you to partner with us.

I also request your prayer that we continue to communicate God’s love to all who come to seek healing at Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf.”   

Download the Outpatient Clinic Proposal

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