Update about the refugee situation in Gambella

As violence continues in South Sudan, refugees have been fleeing across the border to Gambella. Bishop Grant writes

“Some of the towns where we have churches near the border have been overrun with large numbers of people fleeing the fighting in South Sudan. For example, in the town where I am going this coming Saturday, there are about 1,000 people living without shelter and with almost no food on the Anglican church compound. The same is true of most of the churches in the town (the clergy have organized the people into groups). There is apparently some food in the town, but little money to buy and the prices are high. I’m going to bring a load of maize with me on Saturday, as well as tarps to use for shelter from the sun – it’s the beginning of dry season – no rain, but intense sun.”

“We have a woman who helps clean the compound here in Gambella. Two days ago we heard that her son had been killed in Juba (he had been staying at the UN compound, but decided to go home to get a change of clothes and was killed on the street.) Stories come to us daily of family members caught in the cross fire. Several members of the staff and clergy have family in UN compounds in Bor and Juba – but no compound is truly safe.”

Pray for Bishop Grant and Dr Wendy, and for the clergy in Gambella as they respond to the current situation. Pray that the needs of the refugees would be met.

Recent visitors to the Episcopal Area of the Horn of Africa (December 2013-Jan 2014)

  • The Rev Dr John Piper who preached at St Matthew’s Church, Addis Ababa
  • Former Crosslinks missionary David Harley to St Matthew’s Addis


  • Bishop Andrew and Mrs Janice Proud, the Rev Dr Darrell Hannah, the Rev John Edwards, Ms Tina Bailey, and Ms Janet Larkine from Reading, UK
  • The Rev Dr Johann and Louise Vanderbijl, South Carolina
  • The Rev Nancy Kenney and her husband Pat from North Augusta, South Carolina
  • Mr Yien Chagor Reath of Addis Ababa
  • Mr Paul Gilbert, London, UK
  • Canon Dr John A. Macdonald of Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge PA USA and three theological students: Matthew Stromberg, Scott Gorbold and Stevan Betcher

Coming soon

  • A team to Gambella from International Design and Development (in February)
  • The Rev Dr Ashley Null guest preacher at St Matthew’s Addis Ababa (in March)
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