Memorials for Nelson Mandela

On Tuesday 10 December 2013, at the request of the Embassy of South Africa, services were held to remember former President Nelson Mandela.  Services were held at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Algiers, Algeria and at the grounds of St. John the Baptist Church in Maadi, Egypt.  Algiers2Fr. Hamdy writes, “Yesterday, we had a great joy with people and Ambassador of South Africa, as we honored together late former President Nelson Mandela. I welcomed and thanked the attendants on behalf of  Bishop Dr. Mouneer Hanna Anis and Bishop Dr. Bill Musk.  The memorial service was attended by many Ambassadors, including the British Ambassador, the Vatican Ambassador and some Algerian government officials.

Algiers1Fr. Hamdy said, “We had good fellowship as we shared refreshments after service. I preached about the story of the Good Samaritan and how our Lord Jesus Christ was and is still calling us to love our neighbor without discrimination, helping the needy neighbor while disregarding his religion, nationality or the color of his skin.”

Maadi2The Rev. Chris Chorlton of All Saints Cathedral attended the service conducted on the grounds of St. John the Baptist Church in Maadi.  He brought words of condolences on behalf of Bishop Mouneer Hanna Anis and shared words of consolation expressed by The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.  Maadi1

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Bill Musk, Area Bishop for North Africa, also led prayers last Wednesday at the ecumenical Commemorative Service held in the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Tunis, in the presence of the President of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) Mustapha Ben Jaafar, the Chargé d’Affaires of South Africa’s Embassy in Tunis, The Minister of Health Abellatif Mekki, The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Tunis, as well as other Ambassadors and religious leaders.  More information may be found here courtesy of Agence Tunis Afrique Presse.




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